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wisdom and art: Tati thinks.

I think perhaps the wisest of people are propelled through life by deeply rooted gnawing questions.

With the thirst to understand and to explore the burning question inside themselves. The wisest of people pursue answers recklessly only to find they were wrong.

They discover, they live, they see they were wrong and they must destroy parts of themselves to rebuild.

But those destructions, those deaths, those experiences , lie thick. accumulating layers-creating an internal chemistry that is a palimpsest.

And that is wisdom.

To have the bravery to let parts of one self be dying and trusting that still other parts are flying into the air at their peak of vitality and that it could maybe happen simultaneously, is wisdom.

Embracing opposition and understanding that happening on the same plane, is wisdom.

The wisest of humans destroy themselves to then rebuild over and over again.

Because. that is life that is the universe.

The constant is that everything is inconstant and chaotic. The order is to feel some sort of earthly control but perhaps survival and wisdom and living in life is not about that.

To live embracing the unknown.

To continue to pursue my souls burning fucking question.

To love myself as the incredible infinite human i am. Love is. And that is all. Love is. And now I start the journey of something. Of rebuilding.

Destroy, let die, rebuild, rebirth.

Where does wisdom and art intersect? Well, the development of perspective and humility I would say are vital to the art I aim to create. and so is the act of discovering what questions  propel me through the world.

What questions are in my soul? And how can the knowledge and awareness of this information inform my art making?

Okay, okay self. challenge accepted.


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