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Seeing Revolt, She Said, Revolt Again, at Company One was an experience! I genuinely was not expecting to see a piece of theatre that would eject me out of my seat as much as this one did. It’s non-linear structure created a chaos in me—I was not only anticipating what would happen next, but also trying to decipher what was happening in the present moment.

The show used a plethora of tech-elements that added to the commotion of the text. For example, the choice to use a video camera to project the vulnerable images of a woman giving a heart-wrenching speech about ownership of her own body was a particularly striking image. In addition, the contrast between the brightness of the light in that scene and the darkness of the subject matter was so provoking.

I think it is amazing how work travels across the world. Alice Birch, the playwright, started the project in the UK. It has been at Soho Rep in New York, Company One in Boston, Royal Shakespeare Company, etc.. Through research I discovered that the play was written in 3 days, which is incredible but also makes perfect sense—of course a play so skilled in brevity and staccato power took only a short time to write.

I am so proud to know people who worked on this show. The development of new work in Boston is so interesting and important, and just knowing a few alums who helped with dramaturgy or performed made me feel as though I was a part of the process.


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