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A Theatrical Thanksgiving

2016 James Family Thanksgiving Cast List:

(my brother)
(brother’s girlfriend)
(Mr. Dad and Mrs. Step-Mom)
(my father)
(my mother)
(my uncle)
(my mothers best friend/mentor)
(my mother’s best friend/mentor’s husband)
(other uncle)

Production Note:

This play was produced in two parts. Once before the great door bell ring and once after. I think things change in between. This Thanksgiving happened in November of 2016 after the highly controversial election resulting in the election Donald Trump.

Setting: Small suburban household in Northern California.

PART 1 (Pep-talk):
You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. You will not talk about politics at the dinner table. Let the republicans live. It is two against everyone else. They would be dumb to bring anything up. Dad will be angry and you will ruin Thanksgiving… DO NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS AT THE DINNER TAB—

PART 2 (Fashion Show):
Can I protest with my clothing? Is all black saying something? How about a Nasty Woman T-Shirt. I have a shirt that says “No one is born a Bigot”. Will that work? I just want them to know they are welcome in the house but their hatred is not. Right? I’m gonna wear my hair big and curly. My kinks should make them shrink.

PART 3 (Protest):
I will go naked to the dinner table, say grace and make sure to mention the historically oppressive nature of the Thanksgiving feast and remind everyone present that while we are safe and warm in our home there are so many who do not have that privilege. I WANT TO CANCEL THANKSGIVING.

PART 4 (Shame):
I am so hateful. I have never met these people in my life. They are just people. Sure we have opposing political views and they are entering a house full mixed raced people who have fought for years against the harsh beliefs these INTRUDERS believe but like what could be so bad? I need to exercise my compassion. Seriously, I need to yoga this shit up and get in touch with my empathy. I don’t even have the energy to argue. They are in my house with my family at our table and this is not the time to alienate anyone. Thanksgiving is a great time to meet the parents. Yeah. It will be fine. I don’t even want to engage with them like that. I just want to eat my food.

PART 4.5 (Shame and a little bit of swearing)
ACTUALLY No fuck that noise straight up I am done done done with this. How in the fucking world are these people coming over. WHY are they coming over. It feels like an invasion like “haha fuck you I know how badly this whole election sucked for all you people but we’re going to come in here and eat your food and make you clean up after us while we sit back and remind ourselves how LUCKY we are to be as #blessed for family and friends and our daughter. Our beautiful white daughter”. I give them one strike. One fucking strike. And then I am going to blow my top.

I may be extraordinarily fantasizing right now but mark my words.

Or don’t. Actually don’t. This is mostly me imagining the worst to prepare. They are probably lovely people.


PART 5 (“Anger”):
They don’t even know he is black. Seriously, he has not told them once that he is a bi-racial man. Their daughter is dating a mixed race man and here we are. He passes because it is easier and it makes me sick. We are completely related. I mean 100% related. How can two siblings who are 100% related feel so differently about honoring their heritage? How is it not important enough to him? I am so tired of being alone in the fight to keep our color alive. “It is just not on my list of priorities” “I’m only black where it counts” “If it comes up i’ll tell them. I’m not embarrassed I just don’t want to get into it with them.”*throw up**throw up**throw UP*

PART 6 (The Doorbell Rings):



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