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The Most Important Lesson EVER.

As senior year progresses, I am faced with planning my grand new life after graduation. I am not going to lie, I am SO excited. I feel completely equipped to build a fierce frame work for the next chapter in my life.  Thoughts about auditions, representation, living situation, bills, student debt, family, friends, partners, marriage, and children are swimming through my brain yet, I am pumped. Where do I begin? Well.

I begin with asking myself :

What is the most important lesson you have learned in the last 3 years at University?


The light bulb really went off, overheated and exploded inside me in regards to the engraining of this lesson in my soul during my Understanding the Camera class.  I realized that as a minority going out to auditions, I had absolutely nothing to lose by simply showing up to calls for characters that are white for no reason. So here’s the thing, if I am not my biggest fan, no one will be. I MUST be my largest advocate! My way of approaching the development of my art has completely shifted into one of freedom and endless possibilities.

What are some concrete things manifesting in my life as a result of  this lesson, or rather, this way of moving through the world engraining itself everyday further into my bones?

A more consistent grounded self

A sense of freedom within my writing and acting

A louder, more confident and specific voice in the face of adversity

A greater sense of play within my artistry and in relationships with authority figures

A sense of enthused creativity in relation to building the framework for my life after graduation

An ever growing self-love and importance

Becoming a better listener, and balancer of artistry and partnership

A growing awareness of how important and valuable my physical body and voice is to the  progress of the entertainment industry at large.


My fellow artists, the systems in place in our society and in the entertainment industry are not necessarily there to work for you. You must work for yourself. You must carve your own way. This is the world we live in. We must empower ourselves and carve our own way so that systems of power may become obsolete and crumble…And then we can build a new humane one.


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