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“Dear Straight People”

“Dear Straight people, Why do I have to prove my love is authentic, why do I have to prove my love is authentic, why do I have to prove my love is authentic?”

“Dear straight allies, thank you, MORE PLEASE.”

The dawn of Donald Trump’s presidency is a reality. Through this event, the atrocities of the American people have been more busted open than perhaps ever before. I am full of many overwhelming emotions including but not limited to rage and sadness…and yet, my voice feels as if it has found its intersection with words and is louder and more important than ever. Denise Frohman’s spoken word poem above called “Dear Straight People” is a piece that I always find my way back to since I discovered it in 2013. Today I have chosen to think about why, especially in relation to how important my specific voice is in our current world. After some thought, I realized that for me, the most admirable aspect of this piece is the humor injected throughout the potent images of the realities of being a queer person in this world. WE MUST FIND THE HUMOR. As an artist, I would like to challenge myself to create art that not only speaks my story, but that offers a smart release within it. This world is heavy, and I do believe it is our job as artists to take this heaviness and drive it with pockets of repose.  This is a new idea for me as a writer because I am impulsively so very intense and heavy in my content. I commit to humanizing the other, as I am the other and very much human.

As a human being in the world, I think the reason I keep coming back to this piece every so often throughout the past few years is that Denise has taken the queer experience, and speared right through the heart of it. She gets to the heart of the matter with humor, charm, poetry, and truth. Her piece is both a comfort to the queer community, as well as a call to action. I mean honestly, this piece is my aesthetic goals encompassed in a 3 minute video. Goals.




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