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A Manifesto for a Burning World

This election has made a fool of me.

The people of this nation have selected their leader, and he is not a good man. I can’t help but shake the feeling that myself and everyone else I know are in complete danger. This danger is epic and imminent. It will be a gigantic task to survive it with our country intact, and a monumental one to overcome the danger entirely. Half of our country is now being held hostage by a privileged few, and it appears that the terrorists in charge (they are terrorists, for their main tactic is to spread terror among the population) will not listen to the cries of their victims.

I feel as though I’ve drunken some magnificent tasting alcoholic drink, and have chosen to consume it every day for as long as I can remember. It tastes delicious, but its effects are intoxicating. I forget about other people and only think of myself, and thus I can bathe in ignorance and self-righteousness. Today the poison within the drug was uncovered to me. It may feel good to drink, but it turns out that all that’s come of such consumption was blurred vision, impeded hearing, and an over-inflated sense of confidence.

The fact of the matter is, the world will not be better tomorrow… but it was not even good today.

So why bother sitting down? We artists have work to do.

The coming reforms will not wait for us, and we must make our art with daggers in our eyes and bullets in our chests! There must be no complacency among the angriest of us, and half of our population will actively resist the bullies in power, so let us fuel their fire! There may not be a political revolution to overthrow the ruling class, but there will certainly be an artistic one. I know this because I have seen it. It has already begun!

Across the country, the artists are rising. In both independent theatre companies and Broadway tours, art galleries and solo studios, dingy basement shows and jam-packed stadium concerts, on bare walls in the cities and backyards in the country, on artist websites and high-brow magazines. These artists fight against the patriarchy, against the 1%, against capitalism, against imperialism, against systemic and systematic racism, against gender norms, against discrimination, against ignorance, against hunger, against white supremacy, against income inequality, against hatred. The artists at work work as they always have been. The artists asleep rise from their slumber. The artists at play experiment with newfound conviction. The artists in training prepare to face the world with all they have.

The fall of freedom signals the rise of the artist! We were always there, and we always will be, so let us continue as we always have, and moreso. Now is not the time to rest, for we are the torchbearers of all that is good and human. Our culture dies in complacency, thus we must rebel to sustain our hearts! Cast away the poisonous drink of ignorance and break the shackles of conformity! Bring the downfall of the enemies of the people, and if not their downfall, then let the entire world burn in a hellfire of creation! Assemble the armies! Smite our enemies! Deconstruct our national identity! Reconstruct the power system! SAVE THE UNIVERSE!



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