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Woke up from a dream into a nightmare. Surely this apologetic text from my mother was some kind of mistake.

Surely this apologetic text from my mother, who voted for Hillary in 2008 and voted for her again now, who transitioned from work clothes to home clothes and both included Hillary shirts, who has championed this woman in our home, our family, and our community, surely it was a mistake.

“There’s so much to say but we’ll have to wait till later. I just want to apologize for this fucked up country we live in.

I’m devastated.”


This isn’t real, right? It wasn’t real last night and I was asleep when it happened so maybe it never really happened at all. Can’t we do a recount? Can’t we find the missing ballots that weren’t counted? Can’t we climb inside post boxes and mail trucks and find the ones that never made it home? Can’t we demolish the Electoral College and try something else? Can’t we do anything?

And then, an invitation to a classroom, a space to be together and begin to make sense of this, our New(ly elected) World Order.

And then, a circle of faces puffy with broken hopes and wet with disbelief.

And then, words strung weakly together with cracked breath and “what now?” in the spaces between.

And then, a piano and a small voice, working its way into the splits in our souls, filling them up with something the words couldn’t do.

And then, more piano and more voices, following eye contact and held hands and i thought i was done with tears but there is more left in me.

And then, a hallelujah.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Silence filled now with i’m not ready to get up and tender hearts.

Silence filled now with i am surrounded by love and i am ready to fight and renewed sense of purpose.

And then, one foot goes in front of the other. With a rib cage full of fire and hearts black and blue.



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