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A practice in mission statements.

I’m getting really passionate about starting a theatre company based on the things I value most about art and theatre-making, so this week I created a fictional theatre company. Refer to this post for context. Could I ever make this a reality?

Company Reject is a New York City-based punk theatre company, conveniently located on Rivington Street in between Time’s Up Inc., a not-for-profit environmental group that uses events and educational programs to promote a more sustainable city, and ABC No Rio a collectively-run center for art and activism internationally known as a venue for oppositional culture. Our location is accessible for both our staff and our audiences of different socio-economic backgrounds.

We curate our seasons with a collection of works that challenge standard and common ways of thinking, as well as the form of conventional theatre. We hold open calls at the beginning of every season to invite collaborators of different artistic backgrounds, not just limited to theatre, to ensure that we are inclusive and are exploring every possibility of what we can create. Our building contains a small studio space, a flexible black box with 100 seats, and an intimate standing-room basement space which is doubles as both a performance space and a stage for fundraising concerts and events. We also have access to our rooftop area, which we use for other performances and musical events.

We are also active in creating outreach programs that ensure that youths from all backgrounds have access to the arts. Everyone should be given the opportunity to be exposed to the arts, but often those that are held back by poverty are denied this opportunity. Our staff and volunteers work with non-profit organizations in the area to bring at-risk youth and their families from all backgrounds to the theatre at no cost to them. Through innovative music, movement, multi-media, and other theatrical projects, Company Reject offers a theatre for the basement-punk that’s afraid of the shining lights of the conventional stage.

Company Reject promotes an ensemble based environment in which the work created is driven by the ideologies of punk: anti-establishment, anti-racism, anti-sexism, free thought, and non-conformity. We reject mainstream crass culture and its values.
Company Reject embraces change through protest. We use passion and ang
er to liberate ourselves and others. We reject the rules; we speak and do with
out a censor. We seek artists who embody these feelings are do not discriminate. Company Reject tears down the system and rebels against oppression.



About Kyra Tantao

Theatre Artist. Punk. Current student at Boston University School of Theatre.

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