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A Love Letter to Musicals

Disclaimer: This is a passionate, impulse driven letter to showtunes with lots of caps lock. Strap in.


Can we just celebrate for a moment how awesome musicals are?

How there is a space in the world where saying what you feel is simply not enough and YOU MUST SING OUT LOUDLY WHAT YOU FEEL.


Confession: When I was a wee high schooler, deciding what do with my life, scared to commit to art because I wanted to be financially secure, you wanna know what changed my mind? You wanna know what was happening the moment I decided, I HAVE TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. (this being theatre)

Honest to god, I was in my room listening to Hairspray. I was listening to “Without Love” and I was brought to tears. I was overcome. Singing loudly in my room to a campy song about love, I realized that if I didn’t commit to acting and theatre, I wouldn’t be happy in life.

Quality and debates about Hairspray aside, there is something about the joy and visceral feelings that I get (and I assume most people get) from singing or being a part of musicals. Granted, musicals do not always invoke joy. Nothing can punch me in the gut like a well-performed song about loss, heartache, or love.

Recently though, life has been doing enough of the gut-punching for me. And you wanna know what’s getting me through it?


There’s something wonderful about listening to a story that mirrors your own. I’ve been blessed with lyrics that perfectly articulate my frustrations, worries and hurts. And the best part is I don’t just get to say them. I get to sing them out and put every ounce of passion and emotion into my voice. It’s the ultimate form of venting.

And what’s even more amazing, through listening to these songs, I have been able to understand more about myself and my struggles than I could have without this wonderful vehicle of storytelling. For that I am eternally grateful.


So from campy to passionate to upbeat to heart-wrenching, thank you musicals, showtunes and everyone involved in creating them. Without you, I don’t know where I’d be.

Thank you and goodnight.


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