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13 Going on 30 is Becoming a Campy Musical and I Love It

If you have ever met me, you probably know how in love with the movie, 13 Going on 30, I am. My sister and I had it on DVD, growing up, and it was playing during every car-ride we ever took, and at every slumber party we ever hosted. The movie tells the story of awkward 13-year-old Jenna, struggling to be awkard 13-year-old Jenna. She hates her body, her friends are “lame,” and she hosts a boy-girl birthday party which everyone DITCHES TO GO GET DRUNK!! Attitude, major!

But suddenly after making a lethal wish, Jenna wakes up and she’s different–she’s 30. She has a big executive job at Poise Magazine, and is friends with lots of important people. Not to mention–she’s dating a famous hockey player! Bom-chicka-wow-wow.

She soon comes to find out, that in her pursuit of this glamorous life, she’s lost sight of everything thats truly important to her–her friends, her family, and her quirky and kind self. Be careful what you wish for!

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-3-15-43-pmAs a nine-year-old, this movie was fun; filled with magazine editors, and dance parties, and 80’s clothes. Featuring New York city skylines, and boy-girl parties, and high heels. It was exotic! Exciting!

As a thirteen-year-old this movie was important. Because, when I was 13 I was just a chubbier, weirder Jenna Rink. No. I was worse than Jenna. I was her best friend Matty (played by Mark Ruffalo *swoon*) but in girl form. I listened to the Spice Girls and Wicked exclusively on my Ipod Shuffle, and played with baby dolls when nobody was around. I practiced kissing on my hand, and still watched Clifford the Big Red Dog when I got ready for school in the morning.
I was a weird combination of girl, and teen, and boy did I feel it. Somehow, though I’m sure everybody looks back at middle school and feels the exact same way, I was all alone. Nobody was as weird as me, and I would never be as cool as anybody else. That was the way it was. There was no going around it.
Unless….you were Jenna Rink.

But even then, Jenna Rink wasn’t even happy. She longed to go back to middle-school, and relish in her oddness. She missed her goofy friends, and her training bras. How could somebody as cool as the EDITOR OF POISE MAGAZINE miss a TRAINING BRA?

It’s because of this movie that I learned to like myself.

And now

13-year old Molly’s TWO FAVORITE THINGS being combined?! Somebody call 9-11! Cuz I’m fire-burnin’ on the dance floor!

I know what you’re thinking. I know I know I know.
“Molly your getting a BFA. Shouldn’t you be more excited about Long Day’s Journey, or An Octoroon? How is 13 Going on 30 being turned into a campy musical going to change the world? huh? HUH?”

And I know. I know! I KNOW! We all watched Bring it On flop! 13 Going on 30 the Musical, doesn’t sound all that promising. But I will defend it until the day I die. Because no, it isn’t groundbreaking. Neither is Anything Goes, or Guys and Dolls, or Oklahoma. None of these musicals are the
“cool” ones.

But if there’s anything I learned from Jenna Rink, its that it doesn’t have to be cool for it to be important.

Now, go listen watch the movie, and TRY and tell me you’re not crying when “Vienna” starts playing as Jennifer Gardner looks around her childhood home.



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