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10 Shows I Want To Program In My Imaginary Realistic Non-Theatre Theatre Season

It’s the year 20-what-have-you, and I’ve made it to a point in my career where I get to collaborate to program a season of theatre. Imagine if you will this is a mid-size city, with a relatively appreciated arts community. Let’s call this city Basten. This season of theater held in the city of Basten has one stipulation- I can’t program my season of theatre in a theatre. Rent prices for performance spaces have skyrocketed, and rather than pay more money than my company can afford, I’m proposing to bring the theater to unexpected places throughout the city of Basten. Here are 10 pipe dream production spaces that use anything but a stage to perform in:

  1. Perform in an office space. – Find a play that could fit in an office park. Office parks oftentimes lay dormant for months at a time, and taking a temporary lease and performing in an office space allows for several smaller performance venues. Imagine Act II of Fefu and Her Friends set in a conference room, break room, and a corner office?
  2. Perform in a recycling plant.- Every battery and/or item that has toxic waste that an audience member brings is a dollar off of admission. The production would be family-friendly to allow families to travel and learn about recycling plants together. The set and costume pieces would additionally be used with all-recycled materials.
  3. Perform in a storage unit.- Storage units are cheap to rent, and almost every person living in a cramped downtown apartment rents one, as well. The audience size would be intimate, and would provide the potential for several spaces to be rented at once for different scenes to take place.
  4. Perform in a dive bar.- This one’s done at almost every fringe festival around the world, and yet I rarely see this factored into a regional theatre’s season. Perform the most “kitchen-sink” play one could find in a bar.
  5. Perform on a clean-air bus. – As a way for fellow urbanites and big-ticket suburbanites to support a greener lifestyle, break down the stigmatizations of public transportation by installing several one-minute plays on the bus routes throughout the city. A different play prompt would run on different bus lines, encouraging audience members to travel to different parts of the city in a mode of transportation they may have never taken before. This would run on a weekend and on off-hours so as not to interfere with commuters schedules. Admission is bus fare plus donations to the actors on board.
  6. Perform at a soup kitchen. – If you volunteer to help make the meal and/or serve, ticket admission is free. This concept of “dinner theatre” presents several short plays to be performed while people are eating and serving.
  7. Perform in a book store.- Support independent bookstores!! This would be a part of our new-play reading series, allowing local playwrights to hear their work aloud.
  8. Perform on Twitter. – This combines social media and radio plays. Our radio play series would be released via Twitter with the opportunity to converse and tweet at the play in live time, with the potential for those tweet to be incorporated into the story.
  9. Perform at a skate park. – Classical text performed in a skate park.
  10. Perform in an apartment- Another opportunity for intimate theatre. Performed in a small apartment that moves throughout the space. I

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