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Shakespeare Dreamed in Sonnets

You’re giving up on opportunity
And sliding out, as slivers with a pull,
The hopes that one day everything will meet
To bring to life that picture from your skull.
I cling and clasp and clamp onto the dream
In hopes that it will never leave me lone,
Yet when I’m faced with cold reality
I feel its radiant warmth within my bones.
It smiles and that protects you from the heat
Of anger, worry, loneliness, despair.
And then it lights a fire through which I speak,
Legitimizing all the dreams we share.
And you, my friend, are just as scared as I;
Without it in us, all our dreams would die.

I wrote this sonnet as I left Boston last winter, but only rediscovered its true meaning after a close friend of mine died in a car accident. He was seventeen years old and a theatre artist like no other, as well as an incredible human presence for both his peers and his community.

Everything I do, I do it for him and people like him.
Thank you and rest in peace, Cole.


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