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Is it a play? Perhaps…

I have, over the past nine months, encountered a number of new plays.

I have, over the past nine months, attempted to create things that, might one day, be new plays.

Over this time, something had occurred to me. A recognition that, retrospectively, should have been obvious.

Maybe it is something that I already knew, but I had to actively choose to engage in in order to know. (if that makes any sense)

What I have learned is, that sometimes what we call a play, isn’t really a play.

Sometimes, what we call a play, doesn’t want to be a play.

Sometimes, being a play, isn’t what it needs.

If we encounter, or attempt to create, what we suspect might be a play. Perhaps we should  take the time to consider that what we might think is a play, might be something else.

Perhaps it’s a movie, needing to be transmitted from camera to screen.

Perhaps it’s a television program, needing to be binged with passionate obsession.

Perhaps it’s a novel, needing to be read carefully at the readers own pace.

Perhaps it’s a comic, needing to be crafted for its reader panel by panel.

Perhaps it’s a song, needing to be played to by a careful listener.

Perhaps it’s a podcast, needing to be listened to on ones’ long commute to work.

Perhaps it’s a series of essays, needing to challenge the critical minds of its readers.

Perhaps it’s a letter, needing to be written solely for one other individual, and only them.

Perhaps it’s a journal entry, needing to be seen only by the one who had created it.

Perhaps it’s a tweet, needing to be broadcast to the world in a beautiful and succinct message of 140 characters or less.

Perhaps it’s a vine (remember those), needing to be consumed in 7 second increments and played on repeat.

Perhaps it’s a board game, needing to be played by a group of friends gathered on a Saturday afternoon.

Perhaps it’s a video game, needing to immerse it’s audience in a fully interactive world.

Perhaps it’s a party story, needing to entertain those who had a hard week of work.

Perhaps it’s a homemade sweater, needing to keep someone warm on days that are just a little chilly.

Perhaps it’s a meal, needing to satisfy the deep hungry of its consumer.

Perhaps it’s a finely built shelf, needing to be sturdy for those who need it to hold things.

Perhaps it’s a practical joke, needing to slightly annoy and slightly amuse someone, if not for just a moment.

Perhaps it’s a dog toy, needing to be played with and admired by a young pup.

Perhaps it’s a curling match, needing to be crafted by a beautiful combination of ice and brooms.

Perhaps it’s a punch in the face, needing to connect knuckle to cheek with a fair amount of force.

Perhaps it’s simply a scream out of your window, needing to be heard only by the lucky few who happen to be passing by.

Perhaps it’s a hug.

Perhaps it’s one of an infinite number of things that are not listed above.

Perhaps what many of those things are to me, they aren’t to you.

Perhaps that’s irrelevant.

Perhaps what matters is that we take the time to consider the possibilities.

Perhaps it’s many things at once.

Perhaps it’s both a play, and something else.

Perhaps it’s not.

Either way.

Perhaps we should honestly ask

is this a play?


Perhaps the answer is no

Perhaps that’s OK.

Perhaps that’s even better.

And Sometimes


after asking it what it needs


what you have,


a play.



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