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4 Hours. 30 Minutes.

That’s all it took to make art that brought a group of humans together to address an issue artistically. It wasn’t perfect or even memorized but it was personal an impactful.

#mymatinee, a performance I was a part of, along with roughly 10 other women in the school of theatre, that discussed what it is like to be a female artist in the world and more precisely at this school.

What we created and in such a short time was a beautiful display of the power of art and the power of putting a group of creative minds together to accomplish a common goal. I hope we started a trend that will continue even after I leave the school!

Here is what I spoke at the performance. It was spoken in tandem with another poem that my colleague read, our words woven:

Dear Women


engrained in me and let free

without pause

My eyes see you

but my brain only thinks skin deep

her dress is too tight

does she know how to use makeup?

eh, not my taste

did she look in a mirror before she left?


Step back.

Do I really agree with those thoughts,

or is that jus how I was taught?

It’s a conscious decision

it takes action and effort.

A piece of my mind must always be tuned to how I think and why.

Does she really deserve my words or am I helping the enemy?


About Bev.Does.Life

Theatre Artist and Graduate of the Boston University School of Theatre.

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