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We’re Gonna Die

The perfect way to kick start my final week of college, I had the pleasure of seeing Young Jean Lee’s play, We’re Gonna Die.  As a the end of my education approaches and I begin to start my life in the “real world”, thoughts of doubt and concern and confusion and crisis have arose. What is my life going to lead to? Am I on the track I should be on? What if I’m a failure? …you know, typical graduation thoughts.

Oddly enough, I found a lot of comfort in listening to the stories performed by Obehi Janice. Stories that you could connect to about life, and family, and the people you encounter. The hopeful nature of the storytelling provided me with some reassurance that no matter what path I choose, there is only one final destination. Death.

I can understand that this may sound a bit morbid, but it’s true. The fact is we’re gonna die. Our life is simply a trickle in time. Our life really is what we make it. And our death is what we choose to leave behind.

I know what I’m saying isn’t anything new or revolutionary. It’s just a reassurance.

My art is what I want to leave behind. It’s the only way I truly feel like I can communicate my thoughts and opinions in a concise and sincere way.  That’s what theatre is to me. A medium to truly express what my words and actions can’t seem to translate.


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