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The Next Steps out of University

After closing my Senior thesis production nearly two weeks ago, I’ve already taken my first few steps out of the doors of my undergraduate education. There’s a growing pressure in the final year of college to escape completely, split town, shoot for gold in one of the country’s theater capitals. Despite the glamour of New York or sunny Los Angeles, there’s something safe and reassuring about staying in Boston, my creative home for the past three years.

I don’t believe that safety is the most cultivating creative environment, but the ability to experiment without jeopardizing my livelihood or work overwhelming schedules in order to scrape by is quite appealing.

And a pillar of the education at Boston University is being able to create work with little-to-no budget. This combined with the fact that a number of my fellow graduating classmates are staying in Boston reassures me that I will have collaborators eager to work on developing new, independent projects.

In addition, I’ve been able to further engage and develop relationships with local artists and theaters. The smaller size of Boston’s community has made forming these relationships much more accessible. And with a greater understanding of how to live on less in the city, seeing theater is much easier to do on a budget.

I think Boston is a wonderful location to begin to take my first steps into a career in the theater. When consulting one of my close mentors and advisers before attending university, she told me she felt Boston was a community I would flourish in. I feel so lucky to receive so much inspiration and creative energy from this city and I’m eager to give back and begin contributing to the community.


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