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A Postmortem Performance

I’m currently working on a performance that is centered around the Black Lives Matter Movement.  I have a section of my piece where I use the audio clips from recorded police brutality including a video that resulted in a victim’s death.

My question is: Is that okay?

I have a very strong philosophy about watching death for entertainment.  I believe death should be private.  The snuff videos on the internet horrify me.  Death shouldn’t be handled lightly.  Our psyches are too sensitive for us to go through that material without residual effects.

Also, the person isn’t around to say if they are okay with it or not.  There is no more consent.  You could argue that the person is dead, therefore consent is irrelevant, but maybe I’m a strong believer of everlasting life.

My piece is intended to honor these victims.  I want to use their deaths as a tool to prevent more from occurring.  However, are there ramifications to martyring people.?  Am I doing it for them or am I doing it for myself?  Am I pretending that they would approve?  How would I know?

I’m keeping these questions alive as I push forward, however, no clean have come to me yet.



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