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Two nights ago I saw a group of my peers perform their thesis. A thesis I saw only months ago as just a jumbled bunch of words in a packet. A “shitty first draft.” This was playwriting and there were so many people in the room not normally in the class just there to support this little bud of a play. When a line was funny there was roaring laughter, to the point where the readers had to pause for minutes to let the room settle. In the air there hung the potency of anticipation. We knew this thing would bloom. We knew that this playwright was laying his heart on the table and we were all there to thank him for that. It was such a beautiful evening. When the first couple of scenes were done (because at that point that’s all there was) the room exploded into celebration, the air vibrated with it. This was Tom’s ‘Daddy Issues’ and I consider myself lucky to have witnessed it’s beginnings.

But what I found so profound about this evening was that it was not unique. This level of investment and support is integral to our school. We are champions for one another, we support and are supported in return. How unbelievably lucky is that? This hit even harder when my roommate, who is one year graduated, was watching this years S.T.A.M.P video and I told her how much everyone lost their minds at auction when they saw it and she said

“I miss that, I miss people being out of their minds excited about the work that they’re doing, that other people are doing.”

I don’t want to have to miss that. Post graduation I don’t want to just do work. I don’t want it to be work. I want it to be the manifestation of the passion of everyone involved. This is naive. I know. But theater people are nothing if not fierce optimists. Movers. Shakers. Artists. And if I cannot invest in the production I will invest in the people in it. The drive does not end with that piece of paper that says BFA. I believe that, and I hope to God I see you all there with me.


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