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Theatre for Babies

From a very young age, my mother would often bring me to “playgroups” where adults would sing and play musical instruments, and tell stories, all for a group of infants. It’s weird thinking back on this, because although I was must’ve been no more than a few years old, I have flashes of memories from sitting in circles surrounded by other toddlers my age, playing with drums and other colorful musical instruments, making lots of noise. Of course being the shy child I was, I also remember hating being there and wanting to curl up into my mothers lap, but that is beside the point.

What’s apparent is that whatever creative stimulation I was immersed into, has stayed with me throughout my life, possibly adding to the emergence of my love for theatre.

There is a theatre company called Replay that has recently creating pieces of theatre catered for babies. Their show “Babble” is tagged as an “immersive theatre experience for babies”. The performance itself doesn’t consist of plot, but rather an integration of sounds and colors and music that captivates the child’s mind and imagination. The piece is performed in a distraction free space in order to “introduce stimuli really specifically”, according to Anna Newell, the show’s director.

The introduction of theatre at a young age can have an everlasting impression on the child and begins the activation of the creative mind.


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