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Late to the Game

So I began watching Grease:Live last night.

I began watching an artless take on a classic that should never be revived because it’s inherently sexist and immoral. What I forgive the 50’s and John Travolta for, I could never forgive the modern moment for.

What I really want to talk about is how much money, hype, press, and did i say $$MONEY$$ went towards said artless production. I cannot believe how pointless it is. I can’t believe that something was allowed to be mounted without any point of view. Without any adaptation. Without any justification. Just for buzz. Just for nostalgia. Just for star power.


Are you kidding me

I also want to talk about how that’s what commercial stars are drawn towards. That that is the standard of “success” as ascertained by fiscal value. How else am I supposed to take this? How am I, an artist entering the world, supposed to parse this information? So I should throw money, energy, and time towards reliving sexist portrayals and masking it with a sad pass at diversity onscreen in order to earn a pay check?

I refuse. Maybe I’m idealistic. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’ll change my tune when rent’s due. I hope to God that I live to see a time when numerical value matches intrinsic, artistic, empathic, meaningful value. Please, God.




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