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So…For Those Stories Everyone Hates?

I got caught off guard by a quote tonight.  The quote is from an interview with Bomb Magazine with Nicky Paraiso.  The quote reads:

“I hope it’s not a masochistic impulse within me, but I will always stay until the end to see how a creative thought completes itself.” Nicky Paraiso

What a thought.

I love that thought.

I like the idea that any artistic impulse deserves to be explored.  Not because people have the right to say whatever they like without consequence.  But, because no one knows what a work of art can be until it’s finished.  What might start as a masochistic impulse might turn into a delightfully insightful piece that gives the artist a new sense of release.

Perhaps art, specifically with writers, can be fully explored in privacy with no worries of public rejection.  An artist might finish their work, then realize it is the most racist, homophobic, xenophobic, phobic, phobic piece.  However, that doesn’t mean anyone ever needs to see it!  The public doesn’t have to be hurt by the work.  But, an artistic impulse was followed.  Then, the artist can understand their full range of thought.  The artist can explore the part of their humanity that sucks.  Then, they know how to heighten the parts of them that are magnificent.

I believe the most honest artists are the one who strive to understand all the parts of themselves.  Good and bad.  Good art and bad art.  Fearlessness and commitment are essential.  Then once the product is done, the artist can sit back and ponder on how their work will affect their audience.  They can decide if the piece will stay as an exploration or if it deserves an audience.  The impulse to create should never stifled as long as the responsibility comes into play when showing an audience.


Basically, create boldly.  Don’t be stupid about what you choose to do with it.


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