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Does Safety Compromise Experience?

In the wake of the Brussels and Paris attack, Times Square has recently come under fire regarding the safety precautions the theater’s take upon patrons entering. Compared to the security wands and pat downs of other large scale concert and sporting events the bag checks at most Broadway theaters seem lax. When questioned on the subject most theaters insist there are less vsecurityisible precautions in place and that they are “doing everything they can.” But no in depth details. While this is far from satisfying it makes sense for a multitude of reasons.

First, vocalizing security concerns gives audiences just another reason to stay home. Second, that keeping security measures secret means attackers do not know what to anticipate. But what Cox’s article (link below) fails to dive into is the unspoken comfort of the theater. Broadway Theater is (unfortunately) considered a luxury, and therefore audience members expect a certain experience. Many theaters are opulent spaces and with ticket prices being so astronomical I could understand theaters wanting to maintain that by way of minimizing inconvenience. Metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs may detract from the ‘theatrical experience.’ I, for one, think this is ridiculous. Whenever there is a highly concentrated cluster of people in a place as populated as Times Square the necessary precautions cannot be ignored. How many incidents need to happen globally before we start making changes?


How Safe is Broadway? What Theaters Do to Keep Audiences Secure


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