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Werk it Workhaus

The Workhaus Collective of Minneapolis has decided to disband after 10 years together. They formed in 2006 with a mission to produce the work of emerging Minneapolis-based playwrights. Much like 13P of New York City, the playwright whose work was being mounted became the artistic director of the company. Other members would fill in the holes with marketing, development, and house management. There are eight current members — Trista Baldwin, Berks, Jeannine Coulombe, Christina Ham, Kreitzer, Dominic Orlando, Stanton Wood, and Sarah Myers.

The group decided to disband due to the ever-growing success of founding members and the inevitable growth that came from the birth of Workhaus. Alan Berks, member playwright, says in American Theatre Magazine, “we thought that 10 years and 25 brand new plays was an ideal time to celebrate our successes and move on to the next chapter in all of our careers.”


The final production of this “playwright-centric” company will be Kreitzer’s Lasso of Truth, directed by Leah Cooper, which explores the inception of Wonder Woman. They will also be publishing an anthology of all of the new plays Workhaus Collective has produced, due out in winter 2016.

Kreitzer says “’The most amazing thing for me was being a part of this culture of radical generosity, that we supported one another’s work for 10 years…No matter how busy our own careers have been. That’s important to me personally—and also has made me a better theater artist, in understanding how everything works and doing what needs to get done for a production to happen.’”

I think it’s extremely healthy to walk away after the fulfillment of a mission. I’m also continuously inspired by self-agency in the contemporary theatre. I believe that it is essential to changing the climate and ensuring space for challenging storytelling and young voices. My deepest thanks to Workhaus.




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