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Los Angeles Playwrights Factory


The Temblors: Vasanti Saxena, Oliver Mayer, Nate Rufus Edelman, t. tara turk, John Pollono, Kemp Powers, Meghan Brown. Photo by Damu Malik (via).

This past February the Latino Theatre Company (LTC) launched the Temblors, a new collective for Los Angeles based playwrights. The seven-member group is engaged in a four-year initiative intended to produce seven Equity premieres at the Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC), managed by LTC. Members of the group are as follows: Meghan Brown, Nate Rufus Edelman, Oliver Mayer, John Pollono, Kemp Powers, Vasanti Saxena, and t. tara turk.

The main goal is to bridge the gap between the active 99-seat house community and the  major LORT theaters by producing their work in the mid-sized LATC spaces.

“Our vision for the LATC has always been for our programming to reflect the aesthetic and cultural diversity of Los Angeles, as well as to provide a home for diverse L.A. based artists. We feel it is our responsibility as operators of LATC to produce our city’s playwrights in mid-size theaters whenever possible, and we are thrilled to be offering The Temblors playwrights the same attention here as they receive nationally.” – Jose Luis Valenzuela, Artistic Director of LTC.

Each playwright will serve as production manager for their own play, while the other members fulfill the playwrights artistic vision through dramaturgy, fundraising, and development. The Temblors have modeled their structure off of similar successful groups like 13P.

This structure is such an incredible resource both for artists and the communities that they engage in. It is so important to cultivate and empower local artists and I believe we will begin to see many more collective group structures arise with great community support and response. Not only does it enforce the power and importance of collaboration and unity, but it speaks to the necessity of the form. These artists are dedicated to the impact their work has on the communities they serve and they prove it in their commitment to each other and creating the space and accessibility of other artists like them to come.

At the end of the four-year cycle, each current member of the Temblors will select another playwright to take their place in the group “thus creating the city’s first true new play factory, by and for the people of Los Angeles,” according to LATC’s press release.


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