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400 Year Tribute to Shakespeare

To mark the 400th Anniversary  of Shakespeare’s death, The Guardian presented a series of Shakespeare monologues for the public.   They hired in England’s top actors to perform various monologues included Romeo and Juliet,  Midsummer Night’s Dream,  Hamlet, and Richard III.  They hired in some of their most renown actors such as David Morrissey, Adrian Lester, and Eileen Atkins.




Sharing Shakespeare’s work is a magnificent tribute.  The Guardian has created an accessible platform for sharing his words.  For people who cannot afford to attend the theater or are not as familiar with it, supplying the art through a link will widen accessibility for its audience.  Supplying the sharpest moments of Shakespeare’s work has the possibility of sparking a deeper interest in his work.  In addition to a greater knowledge of Shakespeare, this project might inspire more people to engage with all theater.

Also with the younger generations, video is used more widely.  Using a familiar setting with unfamiliar work makes for a more comfortable experience.  For people who have not built a familiarity with language, subtitles can be used.  Also, the simplistic style of acting required for the film pushes the audience to put their attention on the language.  The actors standing without moving mixed with minimal facial movement created a moving vocal performance.

The performances were powerful and dynamic.  Each one sucks you into the world with expert skill.  I am so excited to see this project.  The Guardian is leading the way in showing how to create a healthy relationship theater and media.




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