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Latin@ Theatre Movement gains online Playwright & Resource Database

A new online platform for the introduction of contemporary  Latin@ playwrights has emerged.

Introducing the 50 Playwrights Project.

The site, which launched February 15, features interviews with Latin@ playwrights,and, for its inaugural iteration, intends on accumulating 50 short interviews with working artists (hence the name).

50 Playwrights was founded by Managing Editor Dr. Trevor Boffone, a Houston-based scholar, educator, writer, dramaturg, and producer. Dr. Boffone holds a B.A. in Spanish, an M.A. in Hispanic Studies, a Ph.D. in Latin@ Theatre and Literature, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. He is interested in exploring “the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and community in Chican@ and Latin@ theater and performance.”

The project was inspired by Adam Szymkowicz’s “I Interview Playwrights” blog series. For Dr. Boffone’s project, interviews focus on “where are they from, how do they identify, what are they working on, what advice would they give to aspiring artists, links to relevant online resources, and so on and so forth.”

The site also features an expanded resources section. This includes a Reading List which features Latin@ writings from Café Onda, the journal of the Latina/o Theater Commons; a Teatro Library made up of Latin@ play anthologies and other collections; as well as a list of Latin@ theatre organizations.

All in all, this is an exceptionally exciting resource. I’m incredibly excited to see how it grows and expands. I hope it strengthens the growing connections between Latin@ artists on a national scale.

This is a project to watch.


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