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Podcasts: DVR Radio

Hello Folks! Its been about a year since I posted here and with the new year (and new class). I am back and ready for action and coming out the gates talking about one of my favorite things.

Why Podcasts? They are the “in thing” right now, and if you aren’t listening to one I’m sure the person next to you will excitedly suggest a few to you. As many news outlets are noting, 2016 will be the year of the podcast, but that begs the question, What is the future of podcasting?

In this WIRED Article the claim is made that podcasts will need to move “beyond audio” and utilize Vine, GIFs and more interactive mediums to truly succeed. Without these, they will never be able to make the full jump into the mainstream culture.

My response goes something like this

The fact is, podcasts ARE THE MAINSTREAM. And they got their due to being intimate events. Listening to voices telling stories, reviewing movies, going on comedic riffs without any visual context lets us imagine what it was to be there. Sure, the audience is not being spoonfed how to respond, and that is fantastic.

As my favorite podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, put it “It’s DVR Radio!” When they are talk shows they feel like a conversation you got to listen in on. When they are suspenseful or scary it becomes like a ghost story told around the fire. It is like having a group of people whisper sweet nothings in my ears, and I do not need to see those people to enjoy their presence.

Will I complain if podcasts add a visual medium? No.

Do I think they need them? Hell no!

If the president is now making appearances on podcasts like Marc Maron’s, then I think the medium is doing fine as it is.

P.S. My parents love podcasts… and if they found them without me or my sister bringing them up, they must be at least partially in the mainstream. Also, they are really enjoy You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes in case you needed another podcast to listen to.


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