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InterACTive: Theatrical Team Building

Out in Chicago a production just opened called The Last Defender, and interactive piece of theatre where the audience of 16 people try to prevent the destruction of the world. The stakes are high, the puzzles are difficult, and the success rate barely exists. Also… the poster is pretty fucking epic

Now, I don’t have the pleasure of seeing this production, because it is in a city far from where I live, but you can read about experiencing it here. The important thing to me is what shows like this mean for theatre.

The premise of working together with a room full of strangers (or group of friends/ co-workers if you get together enough people together) lets us learn alot about team dynamics. Self proclaimed leaders are bound to emerge, alliances are bound to be created, and as the success rate of The Last Defender, a measly 20%, suggest, chaos ensues.

So why should we care?

Theatre like this gives hands on learning to its audiences. If 16 people are not able to work together to save the world by solving simple problems, clearly there exists a problem in the world. Clearly we need shows that makes us rexamine just how well we work with those around us. CLEARLY WE NEED TO BE TOLD THAT BEING IMPORTANT IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS SAVING THE EARTH!!!!

So if you are in Chicago go and see this one for me… but if you are in Boston you can go to Room Escape Adventures and get trapped in a room with a zombie… maybe those stakes can teach you how to work with those around you.


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