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Guts and Grace

I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of theatre I can make in my future. Right now I’m a part of a process in which a white woman is directing a show primarily about racism. The cast is comprised of a Latina woman, two black women, two black men, one gender neutral black person, one white woman, an asian woman, and one white man. The playwright is a black woman who has written an incredible play that addresses these issues head on with grace, humility, humor, fearlessness, and vulnerability. The director, in my opinion, has created an incredibly safe and fruitful creative space where boundaries can be pushed and fears can be addressed. Because she’s always made it about the play. The action. The arc. The objectives. The images. Valuing truth over emotion, and allowing the latter to be a by-product of the work, not the focus of the work itself, because that’s the only way that controversial work can have the space to be made. I want to be a part of projects that terrify me and I want to be equipped to approach them with the same bravery and empathy that I’ve watched firsthand in this process. I want to be an asset to the trying times that we’re encountering as young people in a destructive world. I don’t want to hinder the creative road that we need to blow up as a generation by being unable to approach the hard stuff with grace and strength. I am a white, middle-class woman with a college education. I am privileged. I am a director, an actor, and a ball buster. I am a part of the change. I am a part of the next generation of artists. I am here to listen and to act. Can I do both?


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