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Ivy League Arts

The Harvard Crimson recently posted about the new “Theater, Dance and Media” major or rather concentration to be offered for its students for fall of 2015.

At first, being at BU in its B.F.A. Theatre Arts major, I think it can’t as good as our program because it’s so broad. I am proud of my choice to go deeper into my “fine art” study with a program that does benefit from being a part of the larger university but also offers a stronger focus on theatre making starting with performance. But it was a choice to want that.

Harvard will be the seventh Ivy League to offer some form of major in theater following Yale, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Cornell. It is important that these iconic places of study for our country have a solid appreciation and acknowledge of the importance of art. When our most revered and highest places of education teach how to be an artist, engage in creativity, and about our current status quo of the arts in society the pay off for the next generation could be significant. It cost $5 million to start the program and that won’t even maintain it for that long (although more money is expected to come from future donors without worry). This is a significant investment and shows that Harvard actually does care about this topic, this part of our society. Universities can be responsible for creating and bolstering great works and great people. Perhaps this Harvard Theater, Dance and Media major is broad, but it’s also a start. I say the more the merrier– the better for Boston theatre artists as well.

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