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A Hate Letter

After spending so much time around fellow artists, I have a tendency to forget what art is, why I’m doing it and what I want out of my artistry. The one thing I’m certain of however, is that I know that I need to be around art.

“What the f*ck is art?” I ask myself this everyday right after I question where in art a stage manager belongs. I don’t have an answer to either of those questions, so sorry if you were looking for a philosophical answer. I don’t have it, and I probably never will. That being said, I know what I believe art should be. I think art should make you happy or sad or angry or more informed. Basically, art should make you feel, and I want my ‘art’ to make me feel happy. That’s right, my art is about me, not you.

I hate South Carolina. I hate its weather. I hate the beach. I hate how small my town is. And most of all I HATE that I get scolded for following a passion of mine. Unfortunately, I have an extremely biased view of South Carolina and its citizens. Luckily, other people also had low expectations for the state. Lauren Ferebee is one of these people, and she wrote all about it here.

Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina

Meet, Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley tried to veto the state funding to the Arts Commission. That would have made South Carolina the only state with out a public agency mandated to bring access to the arts for all of our citizens. I’ll be honest, she’s one of the reasons I hate South Carolina.

I spend so much time hating South Carolina for its ignorance and close-mindedness that I constantly forget that I am “in the arts” because of people like my lovely governor. I didn’t leave the state to spite it. I left because I needed to see what else the world could offer… What other people could offer.

I left to pursue a career in the arts so that I could offer something to the world.

So thank you, close-minded, ignorant people. Thank you for pushing me to realize that there are other people in the world who have stories to tell. Thank you for making me realize that I have a passion. Thank you for challenging me to stand up for what I believe.



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