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To See Rude Mechs It Is!

At the end of this month I will be traveling to the Big Apple to do some work at the Philharmonic in Lincoln Center. My most important question for every visit to NYC (after, what am I going to eat) is … what art will I see while I’m there? Will I go to museums? MOMA, Met? Ballet? Musical? Play? Gallery? Every adventure brings about new explorations and experiences. A play read in class brought about a new theatre group option for me… The Rude Mechs.. who, coincidentally, are putting on a show right now IN LINCOLN CENTER. Thanks guys, that made things easier for me.

The Rude Mechs are a Texas based Theatre Group, Austin to be specific. The company collaboratively creates new plays. Since 1999, they have run a theater space called The Off Center, where they premiere all of their work. According to their website, they are committed to…

  • Creating original, live performance for the new canon;
  • Serving as cultural ambassadors for our home city and state as we tour nationally and internationally;
  • Mentoring emerging theatre artists;
  • Articulating the practice of collaborative creation and advocating for devised work in the field;
  • Sharing material resources with the community;
  • Providing free or low-cost work space for artists of all disciplines;
  • Keeping our productions and programs affordable;
  • Engaging the audience as collaborators in our art-making process; and
  • Fostering confidence and creativity in young women through the power of performance.


The Rude Mechs pride themselves on being an ensemble based company, currently comprised of 28 members. They continually are creating new plays that tour both nationally and internationally. ” Our touring productions include “The Method Gun”, “Get Your War On”, “How Late It Was, How Late”, “Cherrywood”, and “Lipstick Traces.” Our Off-Broadway productions include “Get Your War On” and “Lipstick Traces.” Our production “The Method Gun” was selected for the 34th Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays.” Exploring the Method Gun in class gave me my first insight into the company and what their creations are like. The play was explorative, dramatic, funny, risky, and emotionally demanding.

“Stop Hitting Yourself” is the name of the new performance piece being featured at the Claire Tow Theatre in Lincoln Center, February 1st-February 23rd. I will be seeing it on closing night. David Cote of the New York Times quotes:

“This fiendishly clever satire feels incredibly fresh. An ingenious piece of devised theater that has appeared like a golden unicorn in the Claire Tow Theater.”

Stop Hitting Yourself borrows from the plots of 1930’s musicals to dig deep into the contemporary conservative dilemma: how to honor steely individualism without disavowing the virtue of charity — all the while tap-dancing around a queso fountain. Commissioned by LCT3, Stop Hitting Yourself is a world premiere. This show sure seems like it will be a handful, never once containing a dull moment. I certainly look forward to this new experience and most definitely will come back here and share my experience.


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