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I feel like I start every post with “Wow.” I’ll have to go back through them and check that. Maybe not. But–


This totally unrestful Thanksgiving break was full of Home Depot and painting and cleaning and rehearsing and LOAD IN! That’s right. My little company, Anthem Theatre Company, is in the midst of production fuss, and I spent all of yesterday loading in. I’m not shamelessly plugging again, but I do feel like so much is learned in the process of a really hard day of work in the theatre, that it’s good to take note:


1. It takes many hands, but also hands that know when to shut up and get out of the way. (You know what I mean.)

2. You gotta love the theatre and know it’s important.

3. Be insured.

4. You’ll find out who you want to continue working with, artistically.

5. Sawdust sucks. Gloves are awesome. Tie-line is gold.

6. New spacing is always weird, no matter the measurements.

7. Tall people get hit on the head a lot.

8. Remember to eat/feed people. And drink water. And it’s best not to come hungover.

9. When it’s packing up time, you realize there’s no better way to exhaust yourself.

10. Give yourself time the next day to touch up all the things you remember on the drive home.

Much more to come. Producing, while also in graduate school, has taught me more about list-making and prioritizing and budgeting than I ever thought I’d care to know.

One comment on “LOAD IN!!!

  1. You totally just summed up all of my feelings about move in I’ve ever had. Except for maybe bring an extra hair tie. Cause someone with long hair is gonna forget and said hair is going to get stuck in something. But wow. You really nailed it with this one (pun intended)

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