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Wanna Try Out Some Hamlet?


Calling all actors!

In a recent Arts Beat post, I learned that the New York Times is inviting high school and college student actors to upload their interpretative performances of lines from Hamlet using Instagram.

Due to several recent productions by Shakespeare (and Hamlet in particular), the Times is interested in seeing how emerging artists are interpreting lines from the script – and, what’s super interesting is the format!

Recently in our dramaturgy class, we’ve been discussing what it means to perform classic texts for a contemporary audience. In particular, what considerations should production teams make when considering how the audience will meet the text. So, along those lines…here’s a cool suggestion for the New York Times:

Edit all of the submissions together so that the collected submissions, when strung together, will create an incredibly contemporary production for us now – in the format that we are use daily for communication…

And, the format allows for line delivery on the fly – who knows where or when the lines will be recorded – imagine this quilt of unique backdrop locations…

Inspired by this post, I found a great website that lists all current and upcoming productions of Shakespeare – and his contemporaries:






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